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Our world is beautiful. You just have to get out of the city and go on a trip. In the big city you are witnessing pollution, tension, corruption, criminal activity, depression, and that feeling, which everyone in this world has felt, the being in a trap feeling. However, there is one thing most people don’t [...]

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Have you ever wondered what paradise looks like? What if I tell you that you can absolutely find very paradise-like places on Earth? People are too busy living on the [...]

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When we hear Namibia, we don’t really imagine a very inviting place. This is mostly dedicated to the Namibian desert, which is one of the most hostile places in the [...]

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Gyokusendo Cave  Okinawa  There are several places on Earth that are described as wonders that you must visit at least once, before you pass away. It is practically impossible to [...]

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When we hear U.S.A., we don’t exactly imagine wonders of nature, except maybe the Grand Canyon and the Niagara Falls, which are one of the world’s most famous and visited [...]

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Ah, Venice. A word so simple, yet generating a vast amount of emotions, images. I doubt there is another city that could be pictured so easily by the majority of [...]

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Like Hillier Ever heard of a pink lake? An actual lake, but with pink colored water exists in the sandy continent of Australia. It may sound strange, but it is [...]

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Woman breaks the world record for most plastic surgeries Even when she was a little girl, Cindy Jackson always had these thoughts going around her head that her face and [...]

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4 Tips For Achieving More Reps We bet that most of you have at least once stumbled upon the unpleasant situation of going to the gym and going your favorite [...]

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The oldest person in the world celebrates her 116th birthday According to Misao Okawa, the world’s oldest person the secret to longevity is having plenty of sleep and maintaining a [...]

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